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أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم
I seek Allah’s protection from satan, the accursed one.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Haunted House?

Paranormal Activity?

Sell It To Us Or Let Us Clean It For You!

We help remove & expell demons, jinns, unclean sprits, black magic, hasad (evil eye), juju magic, vodoo magic, witchcraft, obanji/ogbanje, water spirits, freemasonry, the occult and anything (unseen) bad from houses, buildings & empty properties!

Duration To Cleanse Haunted House/Property

Time frame to clean a haunted house varies from case to case, some cases may require just one session to completely cleanse the haunted home while some cases may require multiple visits varying from days to weeks to completely clean the haunted property, in any case it is best to let us know what is going with with your house.

“Our Mission is to get satisfaction of the Almighty via supporting & helping other striving to make paradise on earth along the way, cleaning one haunted property at a time to pave way to pay it forward for the benefit of the humanity so we can have a meaningful life, we believe service to humanity is service to the Almighty”

People Of All Faiths & No Faith Are Equally Welcome!

A believer in any religion, just a believer in science, an atheist, just a spiritual person, someone who believes in higher power or just a person who believes in humanity, someone we mentioned & someone we missed mentioning, all are equally welcome!

How It Works

Contact Us

Talk to us, we would like to discuss to identify if the house is really haunted, sometimes a property may NOT haunted so we would like to rule that out first.

We Visit Locations In CT & Worldwide
  1. Before we enter any haunted territory we need to understand what is going on, we need to visit the location of the haunted property before starting any procedure.
  2. If the haunted house is within 10 mile radius of our location then there is no charge to visit the haunted property. We are based in West Hartford, CT (USA),
  3. When it involves traveling beyond the 10 miles radius including state-wide, nation-wide and world-wide international travel then it involves other things such as logistics, accommodation, food, etc,.
Have Strong Appointment Commitment & Communication

These invisible creatures can cause hurdles as soon as you confirm the appointment, their intention will be to do anything in order to STOP you & us from making it to the haunted house!

They know they will be evicted from your haunted home when we make it to the cleansing session to evict them. Do NOT let them succeed, cancel anything and everything that may stop you or may push you to post-pone or delay the appointment, do NOT, we repeat do NOT let them succeed even in their baby steps, have strong determination on your mind that no matter what it’s happening today , once we are at the haunted property at the appointment time no worries we got it from there.

You will need to be careful from negative thoughts, negative energy, negative people, negative words, bad things going around you, these unseen things begin with injecting negative thoughts, emotions. These invisible creatures first try to use you to stop yourself from making it, and if you are strong enough and firmly committed to making it happen then they may try cause you minor physical pains, illnesses and what not, if you are still committed then they will use other people around you including your relatives, friends, colleagues, strangers who will again try to stop you via baby steps like causing arguments with people – now that you know this you will notice things.

Please always try to keep us posted EVERYDAY of how things are going around you, if everything’s good which we hope it would be, just send an email that today was a good day and report even the minor incidents even if you feel small issues may NOT be worth mentioning still do mention it we will let you know if we see a concern with anything.

Accept Expectations & Formalities

CAMERA: We ONLY perform healing & cleansing sessions on camera this means audio and video WILL be recorded for documentation purpose. We can of course blur or sensor your face if you so prefer. We do NOT perform without a camera.

PROPERTY WAIVER: We are unaware of the physical condition of your haunted home, this document basically states that we are NOT liable (responsible) if anything goes wrong (like water leakage, gas leakage, old paint issues or fire issues etc.,) during our cleansing sessions.

NO GUARANTEES: It is important to know, we do NOT guarantee anything, that’s because we can NOT guarantee anything at all, your home is cured/healed/cleansed purely by the will of the Almighty, we ONLY pray & recite his word, it is he who cures, not us, if he wills your home will be cured just like almost everyone who gets cured during our sessions.

HAVE PATIENCE TO WAIT LONGER ON THE SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT DAY : We work on first come first serve basis, since we are dealing with the unseen we can NOT put a timer on the cleansing sessions we may be performing before your appointment; some sessions can be completed on time while others might take substantially longer to complete than initially expected so as a result so you will have to wait for your turn although you may have a confirmed appointment. We aim to keep the appointment on time, however sometimes waiting periods can be from 30 minutes to a few hours. And then, your session might run longer than anticipated. No kidding.

How Far Is Your Home From Ours?

We got the maps for you, click on “Directions” (it opens in a new tab), just enter your address to see many miles away is your place from ours. Then let us know!

Our Location!

West Hartford, CT 06119

Help Available For Healing Human Body & Soul


We perform exorcism, heal body pains, headaches, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, epilepsy, anger issues, psychological health issues.


We work from human soul to material (need we say more?) truly a total healing power for the seen and the unseen for living beings and properties.

Contact Us

10 am to 5 pm

i.e. We Work During Sunlight

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(860) 264-4777



West Hartford, CT 06119

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Total Healing Power
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